Creating Lead Characters

1. Describe your Character Concept
Write a short description conveying what the character is like and what they're about. Keep it to ten words or less, and try to be evocative and colorful rather than technical and precise.

2. Buy General Skill Ratings
All six General Skills start with a rating of zero. You have 6 points to distribute among them. Each point raises a Talent's rating by +1. You may also lower Talents below zero and use those points to raise other Broad Skills. No Talent may be dropped lower than -3. In this step, no Talent may be raised higher than +3.

3. Buy Specific Skill Ratings
All Specific Skills start with a Rating of zero. You get 15 points to improve Specific Skills. Each point raises a Specific Skill by +1. In this step, you can't raise a Specific Skill any higher than +3.

4. Assign Boosts
You get 3 Boosts, each of which buys one of the following things. The same type of Boost can be bought twice, but not thrice.

*Raise one General Skill by +1, even past +3.
*Gain three more points to spend on Specific Skills. Skills can be raised past +3 with these points.
*Gain a Special Ability.

5. Describe Drives
Decide on 3 different starting Drives for your character.

6. List Notable Gear
Describe any possessions that your character has. Don't worry about minor items, just list important things the character would put some effort into taking care of. Important tools, personal treasure, sentimental mementos or suchlike. Make choices with the character's current situation in mind. I will audit any unreasonable items.

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